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Thumbelina Nursery School has class time every day. This is a structured time geared to age group and child abilities. Class time is a great introduction into the education system. Children are exposed to classroom etiquette as well as learning to adjust to the different behavioral expectations i.e. sitting for story time, following directions, sharing, socializing.

All class times include stories, music, arts & crafts, and much more!

The younger groups focus on motor development, socializing, shapes, colors, language development, and personal-social behavior.

The older groups focus more on letters, numbers, appropriate classroom behaviors, eye-hand coordination activities, and cognitive development such as rhyming, opposites, and word associations & classifications.

Children in the pre K and K classes also learn phonics and math. These classes are geared to allow the children to accelerate at their own pace. Many children leave here reading and performing rudimentary mathematical tasks. All are ready for the next step in their scholastic journey. We also have computers for the older children to learn and play with.

Every year in June, we have a graduation ceremony for the children moving in to the next level up. The children perform dances and sing to domestic and international music providing fabulous entertainment for their families and friends while being rewarded with a sense of accomplishment.

During class times, we try to instill a sense of pride in a job well done as well as compassion for fellow classmates

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