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All About Us

At Thumbelina Nursery School we understand the importance of your child's well-being, joy and development. Regardless of your child's age or situation, we have a very distinctive method of developing and learning communication, language and basic interaction skills. We always take time to get to know each and every child in our care, so that we can understand how to help them develop in the most effective and fulling manner. Through educational games and activities, we will help your child learn at their own pace. Years of experience has taught us that a little patience and encouragement can go a long way in the right development.

Our dedicated staff are fully accredited, bonded, licensed and insured. Our staff strives to provide a nurturing, supportive, and enthusiastic atmosphere which are important components in promoting learning. 

Director of Thumbelina Nursery School is Tammy Atwell, she and her staff have been molding little minds for over 20 years. Our hard work and dedication to our students continues on through the years. We are delighted when we see the next generation return to Thumbelina with their ch​ildren eager to enroll their child and want them to experience the joy of learning just as they did when they were children here. This is our greatest reward!

We accept children ages 2 thru 5 years, and YES DIAPERS ARE OK!! We even help with potty training! Please call us for our rates and before and after school daycare. 

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