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Thumbelina Nursery School, we  have visits from various community service people such as firemen and policemen to talk about safety awareness. 'Stop, Drop, and Roll!' can be observed being practiced very enthusiastically for days after.

Our local library lady comes once a week for stories, songs, and other activities. The children are exposed, many for the first time, to the wonders awaiting them in their local Libraries.

Daily the children are given a lunch made with fresh veggies, fruit along with healthy main dish. Those staying all day also receive a morning snack and afternoon snack. We have fresh water and for everyone, available all day.

We have wonderful seasonal parties, and also celebrate birthdays for the children.

Any and all allergies are seriously taken and we make sure everyone is happy and more importantly healthy.

We have semi annual class and student pictures taken by photographers, available for parents to purchase if wanted. Grammy award winner, Christopher Hedge comes in and brings the world of music and instruments from around the world for the children.

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